Reports and Prices

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Available ReportsMembersNon-Members
Mini Report (Unlawful Detainer / Eviction Search + P.R.V.S. Tenant History Files) {1-5 Minute Service}

Credit Report (Nationwide Credit Report with Address History, Public Records & Collections)
{1-5 Minute Service}
Summary Report (Nationwide Credit Report + Unlawful Detainer / Eviction Search + PRVS Tenant History Files) {1-5 Minute Service}
Full Report (Summary Report Plus Verification of Current & Prior Residency & Employment)
{15 Minutes-Next Day}
Employment Report: (Special Employment Credit Report) {1-5 Minute Service} $13.00N/A
Business Report (Equifax Business Report)$35.00N/A
Criminal Background Check (Instant Nationwide Search) $ 7.05 $8.95
Person Search (Address History Locator)$3.00 Per Applicant $4.95
Credit Score$5.00 Per Applicant INCLUDED
E-Mail Report$2.50N/A

Please Note** The following additional charges will apply:

Credit scores add $ 5.00 — With Spouse add $ 10.00
Volume Discounts Available ! ! !